Monday, March 23, 2009

More on Day 7

I was a late posting about Day 7, so please scroll down for Mike's great overview of the day! I'll just talk about a couple things and show you some videos and pictures.

One of my favorite parts of the day was visiting the Buddhist temple that was right next to the Chinese market. I am not Buddhist, but standing in this temple left me with a feeling that is hard to explain. The central room had a huge altar and there were several monks who were chanting. The chanting was incredibly calming, but also made me feel so alive. I can't explain it but I know that I could definitely go back there to just sit and enjoy the serenity. Here is a brief video:

Here is a video of a man selling some seafood to customers at the Chinese market. Read more about the market in an earlier post!

A few people visited the Taoist temple, which was sandwiched in an area with several tall, modern buildings. You can see the temple below as well as several spiral incense cages (I am not sure what to call them) that hung from ropes leading up to the temple.

Although some of us visited the botanical gardens on Day 8, I cannot resist putting up some pictures of the beautiful orchids. I especially enjoyed the "VIP orchid" garden, which showcased orchids named for some famous figures.

I am not sure what species is in the first picture, but I thought the flowers were beautiful. The second image shows the Margaret Thatcher Orchid. I really loved its twisting petals.

Finally, I need to put up this image of food at a Koren barbeque that a few of us went to on the night of Day 7. I have never seen so much food all at once. It was a bit overwhelming, but the food was absolutely delicious.

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